Spring Trends |2014|

Spring seems lightyears away considering it is 21 degrees in St. Louis today, but soon the seasons will change and so will fashion & beauty. For 2014, I’m seeing bold makeup and bright colors. So, here are some trends that have inspired me for spring 2014!

Bold Brows

They frame your eyes and determine your expression, but recently  bigger, thicker eyebrows have become a woman’s most treasured beauty accessory. Strong brows for the upcoming seasons are all about mastering the highlighting effects meant to really showcase their beauty.

ImageCara Delevinge is my eyebrow icon. Is that a thing? Can it be?

 Orange Lips

Bold is beautiful when it comes to orange lips. From poppy-red to tangerine orange, this spectrum of the color wheel is on fire for spring / summer 2014.


Resort Fling

Essie nail polish is my favorite brand because the product is high end quality at the drug store price (about $7). They also have amazing colors that are always on trend for the season. Their 2014 spring collection consists of the only 4 colors you will need this season.


Graphic Tee

I know some people aren’t a fan of graphic tee’s but I love them. You can dress them up with a blazer or you can wear it to the gym. They are also great for the spring time because you can layer the simple tee shirt with a flannel when it gets chilly. The other great thing is you can find them on Esty.com for cheap!

Unknown-1 Unknown

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